Relying on God's Strength

When Loving Him is Hurting You

Following God's Lead: An Interview with Sarah Palin - Part 2

Dr. Dobson: If your marriages seems to have lost the old spark lately, maybe it's time to make a...

Following God's Lead: An interview with Sarah Palin - Part 1

Dr. Tim Clinton: Hi everyone. This is Dr. Tim Clinton. Thank you so much for listening today to Family...

No More Secrets - Part 1

Announcer: Today on Family Talk.

No More Secrets - Part 2

Announcer: Today on Family Talk.

Roger Marsh: The final chapters of the book of Genesis...

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The Insidious Nature of Infidelity Part 2

The Insidious Nature of Infidelity - part 1

Why Does God Answer Some Prayers and Not Others?

Question: The Lord answered prayer miraculously for my son when he was eight years old. He had open-heart...

Speaking the Truth in Love

Americans know intuitively that something is wrong with the idea of legally endorsing same-sex “marriages.”...

A Message To Husbands and Wives

To Husbands

It is high time you realized that your wives are under attack today! Everything...