Library Books: Education or Indoctrination

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My wife and I enjoy taking our kids to the library. But on a recent visit, I saw something that shocked me. Libraries are supposed to provide education, not indoctrination, aren't they?

Preschool age children shouldn't be getting lessons in gender identity and LGBTQ ideology from the local library. So ask your library to carry age-appropriate books, not indoctrination materials. But regardless of what your library decides to do, you can teach your kids the truth about how God created them male and female, and about His design for human sexuality and marriage.

Key messages
• The library may have the Gay BCs, but we have the B-I-B-L-E.
• Our culture is increasingly promoting a lie about human sexuality; we need to promote the truth.
• God created us male and female, and He has a plan for human sexuality and marriage.

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