Michele Bachmann with an Update on The World Health Organization Annual Conference (Transcript)

Dr. James Dobson: Well, hello everyone. I'm James Dobson and you're listening to Family Talk, a listener-supported ministry. In fact, thank you so much for being part of that support for James Dobson Family Institute.

Roger Marsh: Welcome to Family Talk. I'm Roger Marsh. We want to call your attention to some things that are going on recently in Geneva, Switzerland at the World Health Organization's Annual Conference. As you may recall, Dr. Dobson and Michele Bachmann did a program in April discussing the overreach of the World Health Organization and what it could mean for our sovereignty.

Well, the World Health Organization recently met in late May and some important topics were discussed, which may impact your life and your family's personal health in the future. Family Talk's Michele Bachmann and her guest, Jody Wood, attended the summit and will discuss what they learned during their time in Geneva.

As you may already know, Michele Bachmann is a member of the board of directors here at the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, and Jody Wood serves as director of the New York City Intercessors and is also a facilitator at Global Prayer United Nations. She is also the apostolic coordinator to the UN and became ordained through the Christ Covenant Coalition. Let's join Michele Bachmann and Jody Wood right now for their fascinating conversation on today's edition of Family Talk.

Michele Bachmann: My name is Michele Bachmann. You may recall a broadcast from earlier this year when Dr. James Dobson and I told you about the World Health Organization's upcoming plan to create a platform for global government. Now, that's a pretty dramatic statement, that's not a normal statement, but the World Health Organization is the healthcare arm of the United Nations and they're intending to create global government through transferring power from the individual nations to make emergency healthcare decisions to themselves, the WHO. We told you about an upcoming meeting that was going to be held in Geneva, Switzerland for the World Health Organization in May and that meeting did happen. I traveled to Geneva with other believers for the purpose of attending the meeting, but also to pray, to pray over this World Health Organization meeting. One of those people who joined me was a woman named Mrs. Jody Wood and she is joining me on today's broadcast. Jody is a mom, she's a grandma, she's from Pennsylvania where she leads multiple prayer networks.

Jody, thank you so much for joining me today on today's broadcast. Jody, I just want to ask you, why did you want to go to Geneva to pray?

Jody Wood: Because of working in the global arena for over 23 years now, I have found it's very important to be in the midst of the decision makers when they gather and they discuss what their plans are for the nations. My heart was, as God said, "Go there, put your feet on the ground, and bring my presence into this global community." That's why we went.

Michele Bachmann: That's right.

Jody Wood: If we look back just three years ago and what we went through with the COVID lockdowns, they told us whether we could go to church, whether our children could go to school, when we could go out and shop, did we have to wear a mask, then they wanted us to have mandated vaccines, all given over by our president who gave that authority and that right for the WHO to dictate to us our way of life. We just have to recognize when they use language like, "Public health emergencies of international concern," nobody's defining that. They don't define that language, they intentionally keep it very vague so when the opportunity arises, they can define what is a public health emergency. Michele, that's a little scary.

Michele Bachmann: Well, it is because we saw how our lives were literally turned upside down. People literally lost everything. A lot of businesses ended up going out of business. People lost their life savings. This was one of the most dramatic things that has ever happened in our lifetime, let alone in America, where we spent over $5 trillion during the pandemic. That's an enormous amount of money, and that explains why we had fueled inflation to the level that it is today. We didn't have that money to spend in our government. It was printed and it was spent. $5 trillion is a lot of money and it's changed our lives since that happened.

Jody Wood: Well, it affects our children and our grandchildren because that debt is being passed to them.

Michele Bachmann: This is something that really captured our interest and should capture the interest of our audience because it was our president who called an emergency in America. Because of that emergency, our constitutional rights and our Bill of Rights was effectively suspended for about three years. Now, incredibly, our government led by President Biden and all the other nations of the earth are actually contemplating giving up their ability to call a national health emergency? They want to give it up to the UN. This makes no sense to me. When you look at the devastation that happened in our nation, I don't even trust our own officials with that level of power, how could I possibly trust the World Health Organization through the United Nations to have that level of power? What if they declare an emergency? What if they tell me that I can't go to work or my kids can't go to school? Who do I appeal to? I can't appeal to the US. How do I appeal to the UN? It's incredible.

That's why we knew Jody, this meeting in May in Geneva would be so important. Everyone pick up your cell phone right now and look at your cell phone and imagine you have a QR code, you've seen that it looks like kind of a checkerboard box, a QR code on your phone. That is how we will be regulated because if we each have our own individual digital ID on our phone that's a QR code, then we can be tracked, we can be traced, we can be surveilled by the World Health Organization all through that code.

Then how does this work? If the World Health Organization tells us we have to take so many vaccines or so many booster shots or so many testing requirements, then if we're in compliance with what the WHO tells us, then the WHO will let us travel. But if we aren't, they won't give us the right to travel. Our QR code won't say that we're in compliance. This is crazy when you think about this. Don't listen to what I say, listen to what this government official from Indonesia says. He said that they were going to adopt this at this meeting that you and I went to.

Speaker 5: Let's have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around. For the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people 100% which clocked the economy globally, you can still provide some movement of the people. Indonesia has achieved, G20 country has agreed to have this digital certificate using WHO standard, and we will submit it to the next World Health Assembly in Geneva as the revision to international health regulation. Hopefully for the next pandemic, we can still see some movement of the people, some movement of the goods, and movement of the economy.

Jody Wood: Michele, this is no longer a conspiracy. They have had a plan, they want to launch this plan, and we saw them bring 307 proposed amendments as well as the Global Pandemic Treaty, and that come next May, 2024, then they would actually have all 194 nations vote on these amendments and the Pandemic Treaty. But what's happened since then, Michele?

Michele Bachmann: Well, that's what we thought when we left Geneva but one week after we left the meeting, we were in shock when the World Health Organization announced that together with the European Union, that's the 80 nations of Europe, that this global digital passport, this QR code on people's phones, is now a reality for Europe. They didn't breathe one word of this when we were in Geneva, but they said, "It's already been created," and the World Health Organization is going to start enforcing this digital ID in Europe now. It's going to be effective June of 2023, which is now one year earlier than they were telling us in Geneva. That's all, like you said, Jody, without a vote taken at the World Health Organization.

Jody Wood: When this rollout happened in June right after the gathering in May with no vote, it already is signaling that they are going to overstep sovereignty of nations and literally impose these restrictions, and the WHO's legal and binding ability to control healthcare worldwide in a matter of months. We're talking about healthcare and digital passports and QR codes, but when we work in this global arena, the number one issue is follow the money. Where does money come into this conversation?

Michele Bachmann: Well, I think we saw it for three years under COVID. Let's face it, billionaires were created through all of the pharmaceutical companies because this was a product, a pharmaceutical product, that was mandated by our government and other governments across the earth, and fortunes were made, fortunes were lost by people who weren't in the right industry, but fortunes were made. One thing we know about human nature is that it doesn't change and human nature always has an aspect of, "What's in it for me," and trying to make money. I think that's true in this system as well because when you can control people and when you control what they do, then you can control and mandate the sources of supply and the sources of demand, and so there's no question money is involved in this too.

Jody Wood: This is something we really need to pay attention to, Michele, and what should we do?

Michele Bachmann: We need to understand how this will work. People will have their phone, their smartphone, and they'll have a global digital ID that is just their person and then that's the first step. Then other digital products will be built into this. Presumably your health records will be merged, presumably your banking will be merged, travel will be merged, and travel is one of the first things. Each person will be given a travel locator number and that will be on the digital ID, so that determines if we get to travel or not travel or if we get to buy food.

We have another clip that we want to play. A businessman was visiting in England and he went to Aldi's to buy some food at a grocery store and he couldn't even get in the Aldi's store to buy food without a digital ID, the QR code on his phone. Let's listen to this clip.

Speaker 6: Look at this. You're in London, you're on a business trip, you're staying in Greenwich, and you want to buy some food, so you're going to the local Aldi's like this one, and you think, "I'm going to go in here and buy some food so that I can feed myself." Then you approach the barrier and look, you can't even get in the shop without having a QR code to scan it here and then you can go in and buy things. Now, this looks to me like the beginning stages of the digital prison that we keep talking about. What do you think?

Jody Wood: This reminds me of Revelation 13:17 that says that, "No man might buy or sell unless he has that mark or the name of the beast." We are living in the end times, Michele, because of this technology of a digital ID and a QR code. That is going to give the ability of the WHO, a global organization that has no oversight, to control, as you said, our healthcare, our travel, can we buy and sell? Can we get food or not? We think, "Well, that's Europe, that's the other nation. It'll never come to the United States."

My husband went to the doctor two days ago for his regular yearly checkup and his doctor said, "I have to ask your permission, can I record this conversation because it's being put into a digital A.I. system because it will better diagnose what you say as possible symptoms for health issues that I will miss." But here in the United States already in our healthcare system, they are introducing AI, which just goes back to the WHO's control over our healthcare and all the systems that we have our liberties and freedoms in, it will be all digitized and they will know everything we're doing and everything about our healthcare. What is our president saying about this? Michele, what about Congress? You were in Congress. How do you think Congress is responding to this?

Michele Bachmann: Jody, I hate to say it, but it really is on both sides of the aisle. We can't get the attention of Republicans, we can't get the attention of Democrats. They don't see that this is a problem and we need to demand that our representatives, Democrat, Republican, wake up and listen to us because we do not want global government and we do not want to be surveilled and tracked and commanded through a global digital passport.

But going back to this Indonesian official who said, "All G20 nations, the 20 largest nations on Earth already agreed to adopt this global digital ID QR code," so that would include us because we're the largest government on earth. It looks like the World Health Organization is going to call the shots on the digital ID, but if they set the terms and if they enforce compliance with its global digital ID, then that means for the first time in history we will have global government, and that global government can make demands, enforce these demands, either by allowing or disallowing our right to travel or allowing or disallowing our right to buy or sell. This is not a small thing. This is a big thing. We need to get answers real quick from our president. Are you planning to put the American citizens in, 330 million people, into this individual digital ID system? We have the right to know. We shouldn't just be put in it without our permission.

Jody Wood: Yeah, that's right. What we understand as kingdom people, we are victorious through our God and people are not our enemies. This is a spiritual takeover of sovereignty and liberty and the oppression of our Judeo-Christian values, and so it's up to us, the believers in this nation and around the world, that we go to the Word of God, we seek Him for wisdom and revelation for strategy, and we come together in prayer, we come together in action, and we can turn this battle back at the gate of our nation. But Michele, speak to us of how you see us moving forward.

Michele Bachmann: Well, I think you're right. Number one, people might hear this and they might say, "This is too big for me. I can't do anything." That is absolutely not true. First of all, don't fear, don't despair, because we have promises that we stand on, promises in the Word of God that God will never abandon us. That's a promise, He will never forsake us, that's a promise. We have the luxury of living in the United States where we do have a representative form of government, and so everyone needs to make a call, if you were ever going to make a call, this is unlike any other issue that has been presented to us. This is the establishment of a global government and the way that they use this global government is controlling each individual personally through our phones. This is very personal to everyone who's listening to this show today. This is an action step that all of us can take.

We can each call the Capital Switchboard. It's a free call. It is 202-224-3121. All you do is say your name, where you're from, and you want to be connected to your U.S. Senators, you have two, and your one U.S. representative. Those are three different offices to interact with and you need to do it, it's worth our time. As Dr. Dobson has said many times, and as he said in our last broadcast, "You need to melt those phone lines," so one more time. Capital Switchboard 202-224-3121. You ask your senators to find out is the Biden administration putting the United States, putting me, putting you, into this global digital ID system all administered by the World Health Organization? We, the American people, do not consent. We don't consent to giving our identity to the World Health Organization, an arm of the United Nations. We don't want individual digital IDs because we don't want, bottom line, to be part of a global government.

Our president needs to hear that as well because I can tell everyone listening to us today that, Jody, when we were in Geneva, our secretary of health and human services, Xavier Becerra, was there and he gave a full thumbs up that the United States would go into, we agreed with these 307 proposed amendments to the International Health Rules, we agreed to the Global Pandemic Treaty. There won't be a vote in America. That's why our representatives need to wake up because our sovereignty is being given away in front of our eyes and they don't even realize that what's going on, but we were in Geneva, we heard it with our ears. Our listeners, our JDFI listeners heard with their own ears, what the Indonesian government officials said, what just a common person in England had to experience with not even being able to buy food because they didn't have a code on their phone. This is reality. Again, not to fear, but we need to cry out to God, but we need to act, and we need to act by contacting our public officials.

Jody Wood: Yeah, Michele, I was on Capitol Hill last week and I got to speak with, personally, several very, very prominent representatives, faith-filled men, biblical worldview, teach on the Constitution, incredible seminar. It was like, "Yeah, this is awesome." Come out in the hall, I asked them personally, "Where are you on the WHO?"

"Well, it's not a big deal. It's a treaty. It's going to have to go through a Senate vote."

I'm like, "I'm afraid you're not up to speed on the current news." I was just there. They're changing the terminology from treaty to an accord and if this becomes an accord, there is no vote needed. This government of this nation is of the people, for the people, and by the people, so let's just begin to act as we are in control, our representatives work for us, but we have got to emphasize what is the most important thing right now, and it is to exit the WHO.

Michele Bachmann: You're exactly right. I hope that they would do that. This isn't hidden information. This isn't a conspiracy. All of this information is available for anyone to read. You just go to W-H-O.I-N-T. Again, it's W-H-O.I-N-T. Once you get to that site, click where it says, "76th World Health Assembly," you just click on that. Once you're on that page, then you can just look for the proposed amendments to the International Health Rules. It'll say, "Amendments." There'll be 307 amendments or changes. You can read those for yourself. You can read the Global Pandemic Treaty. They call it an accord. You can read that for yourself. You can even watch the sessions that we participated in, the strategic round tables, for instance. The one on Monday where Dr. Abdullah Asiri of Saudi Arabia said, "The problem with the last pandemic is that people had too many liberties, too many personal and civil liberties. Now we have to take away people's liberties and empower the World Health Organization."

In fact, some of these amendments actually cross out the words, "Human freedom, human dignity, human liberty." This is a profound movement away from freedom and instead toward control. People can listen to that for themselves, and the strategic round table that was on Monday or on Tuesday with our climate czar, John Kerry, who also said that climate change is, "The biggest driver of healthcare issues in the world, and the biggest problem with healthcare," in his words, "Is not infectious diseases. It's climate change." Their criterion for making healthcare decisions is this concept known as one health, they talked about this concept, and it's essentially mankind equals animals or cockroaches, which equals a lump of dirt, so man is no more important than a cockroach, and a cockroach is no more important than a lump of dirt, and so decisions are made on that basis and the lump of dirt wins every time because climate change dictates that the world's temperature can't rise more than 1.5 degree, so therefore mankind and animals will lose and the lump of dirt wins. That's the healthcare decision making going forward.

The blessing, Jody, is that this James Dobson Family Institute audience is a very well-educated audience, I'm happy to say, and we are like the men of Issachar. We understand the times that we live in and we know what to do. We pray, as you urged our audience to do, and then we demand. We demand that our representatives keep the United States out of global government, and that means keeping the United States citizen out of a global digital ID system.

Jody, I want to thank you so much for joining me today, thank you for being in Geneva. We're going to keep praying, our audience is going to pray, they're going to act. We don't despair. We just praise our holy God, and we're so thankful that we have this opportunity to be on the radio today. Thanks again, Jody, for joining me on Family Talk.

Jody Wood: Thanks for having me.

Roger Marsh: If you would like to contact your representatives, both your US Senators or your Congressman or Congresswoman, the United States Capital Switchboard phone number is area code (202) 224-3121. Again, that's (202) 224-3121. Okay. That was Jody Wood and Michele Bachmann here on Family Talk and their conversation about the World Health Organization's 76th World Health Assembly and the proposed plans and possibilities they illuminated that soon may affect your life and your family.

Thanks so much for listening to Family Talk today and from all of us here at the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, we appreciate you making us a part of your day. I'm Roger Marsh and until next time, may God continue to richly bless you and your family.

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