Concerned Women for America: Protecting Biblical Values - Part 2 (Transcript)

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Roger Marsh: Well, welcome back to Family Talk. I'm Roger Marsh, and today we're going to hear the conclusion of an important conversation featuring our guest, Penny Young Nance, and our co-host, Gary Bauer. They'll be discussing the details of the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel. Now, I want to caution parents that some of the content that we'll be discussing during the next half hour on today's broadcast is not appropriate for younger listeners.

Parental discretion definitely advised. Penny Young Nance is the CEO and president of Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest public policy organization for women. She has spoken on all the major news networks as a commentator and expert on domestic issues. Penny is married to her husband Will, and together they have two grown children. Let's join Penny Young Nance and our own Gary Bauer right now, right here on Family Talk.

Gary Bauer: Well, hello, Penny. Welcome back. It's great to have day two of our conversation together about the issues facing our country. Let's get right into it.

Penny Young Nance: I'd love to, Gary.

Gary Bauer: You alluded to this, President Biden had one Supreme Court vacancy to fill so far. Justice Brown Jackson, who was nominated, it was actually asked in her confirmation hearing to define what a woman was. And she looked flabbergasted, puzzled, and she finally said, "Well, I really can't do that. I'm not a biologist." Well, my goodness, I'm not a veterinarian, but I'm pretty sure I can tell the difference between a dog and a cat.

Penny Young Nance: Yes, that was a startling moment when that question was asked by Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. And I will tell you, our last She Prays She Votes bus tour, we had on the back of the bus, "honk if you know what a woman is." What an absolutely ridiculous statement for a candidate to make, a nominee for the Supreme Court, and she still gets confirmed.

Gary Bauer: I think most children can tell you the difference between a man and a woman, but there are three areas, and you just mentioned one of the big ones, men being allowed to go into women's sports and even more disturbingly, into women's spaces, into their locker rooms and bathrooms. That's one area.

Penny Young Nance: And now dorm rooms. Now dorm rooms. Young women are showing up on college campuses. They've chosen, they specifically wanted a dorm, wanted a female roommate. And they show up and a male who identifies as a woman is in their room and they're being told, "Get over it."

Gary Bauer: Unbelievable.

Penny Young Nance: It's your problem.

Gary Bauer: Right. And again, we're fathers and brothers, we need to stand up and defend our daughters and our wives and granddaughters and so forth. A second issue is, should minor children be able to make decisions that will change their lives forever on really horrific surgeries and treatment with powerful chemicals and hormones? So that's a big legal battle. And then there are some other related issues. So again, you took the initiative and set out with this idea of let's find out where everybody who wants to be president stands on those issues. So tell us a little bit about that and what your experience was.

Penny Young Nance: Sure. First, let me go back and say Doreen Denny on my staff, before anybody realized legislatively what was happening, started to recognize in pieces of legislation, the word sex was being replaced with gender. And she knew, and she's so brilliant. She's a Harvard grad. And I don't know, Liberty grad gets Harvard people to work for me because of the organization, the issues, thankfully. But she knew what was coming. They had redefined gender. And so then it meant whatever 72 thinks it meant.

And so she started going around Capitol Hill and talking to the young staffers and even the members helping them understand what this was. And I promise you, Gary, that at first they looked at her like she had two heads. They didn't believe her. And so a few things played out and the other side showed their hand and they're like, "Oh, that's what you were talking about." And again, we were right. But yes, we started working on this.

There's been about over 20 pieces of state legislation that have passed specifically on both things that you talked about, on women's sports and also pediatric surgery and cross-sex hormones for kids. Because it's not as if it's reversible. You start giving a kid puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and often things about their bodies change and they don't go back. And many times they end up being infertile, their voice changes register, they can't ever get that back, and there's many, many things.

And now again, we've been out this for several years, and we're a solid four years, five years down the road on this issue. Now people are de-transitioning and the lawsuits are flying as they well should. The women's sports issue took a little bit longer for people to understand. God bless Riley Gaines and other young women. We have Macy Petty that works for us who's a collegiate Division I volleyball player. And then we have Kylee Alons, who was a young woman on the swim team for NC State.

She's a 31 time All American Champion and held records for NC State. And she was at that same swim meet that Riley Gaines and others swam against Lia Thomas, who used to be Will Thomas. Her position is a little bit different. It's less about the trophies. This is her senior year. She is a national champion. She wants to win. She wants to place. And what she realized when she got there is that she was going to be sharing a locker room with a man, with a biological man who still dates girls, by the way.

And no one told her. No one gave her a heads-up. Nothing. So what does she do? She and some of her teammates went and found a utility closet to change into their swimsuits. Because in this kind of situation, regardless, it should never happen. But people don't understand, in swim, you don't just change once. You change several times. And when you're getting ready to do the actual competitive heat, you're in a suit that goes from your neck, past your knees. It's very tight. It's very thin.

It takes between 10 and 30 minutes to get on. So it's not a simple thing. And it was so disrespectful and I think criminal. They didn't consent to that. They didn't consent to have a man in their restroom. What about Title IX on sexual discrimination and misdeeds? This was the NCAA actually hurting women. And so we have been very out front on this. We have been with a group of left-right coalition called Women's Liberation Front who are self-described radical feminist have joined with us in this.

Just a group of our leaders, our state leaders, the women that I just mentioned, we're all down in Phoenix outside the conference. Macy, because she still is an NCAA student, she's still in college, was able to go into the dinner and actually handed a letter to Linda Livingston, who is actually the president of Baylor. She had this facade of conservatism. It's not real, and I'll tell you another story about that in a moment. But she refused to make eye contact. She iced them out. Charlie Baker is actually the head of NCAA.

He was the former governor of Massachusetts. He as well is not willing to take the side of women on this issue. So we're fighting hard on this. But what you were actually just asking you about is CWA. The story behind this is I was invited to go up to Bedminster and meet with President Trump and we have been working on this issue. This was last year. We've been working on this issue. And I thought, you know what? We need a presidential pledge on this. So my team quickly pulled something together.

If I could just read it to you really quickly, it says, "As President of the United States, I promise to uphold the truth that women are exclusively female. Only women can be pregnant and bear children. Only women can be mothers." Now, President Trump read this and then he kind of laughed like, "I can't believe you're asking me to take a pledge that says this. I mean, obviously."

And it says, "Under my administration, the status and dignity of women and girls will not be compromised in law or policy. That sex is binary, is a scientific reality. And all federal agencies will be directed to uphold this fact in every policy and program at home and abroad. A person's claim of gender identity does not overrule their sex. My administration will focus on affirming sex-based distinctions that protect women in every area such as shelters, prisons, housing, healthcare, defense, education."

I'm going through the list and President Trump's like, "What about sports?" I'm like, "Keep reading." "And sports. I will protect the dignity of women and motherhood in all circumstances." So we drew this up. I slid it across the table to the president and he signed it right away. There was no question. In fact, he thought it was just crazy that what kind of time do we live in that he has to actually sign a pledge saying that only women can be mothers. And we sent it to all the candidates, all the Democrats and all the Republicans. Of course, we're still waiting to hear back from many of the Democrats.

Gary Bauer: Yeah. Well, that's a great initiative, a great story, and it's reminiscent of the pro-life pledge that we used to push for decades where when people were running for office and they wanted the support of the faith-based community and the pro-family movement, et cetera, we wanted a pledge that they would defend the sanctity of innocent human life and people. Sometimes politicians would go, "I don't sign pledges or whatever." Well, we took that to mean for some reason they were not willing to make that promise.

So kudos to you for doing that. It is a scandal that it has to be done. I actually think this is another attack on God's creation. God created men and women. And as we get into a culture that increasingly throws overboard biblical values, then you get into the kind of insanity that we're seeing now. Well, there's another issue I want to get to that I know you feel very strongly about, and so does Dr. Dobson and JDFI, and that's the nation of Israel, the whole issue of antisemitism, which is a sin.

Any kind of hatred, racial hatred, antisemitism, that's sinful behavior. God hates that, does not want that. And we always stand up against us things. But of course, as our listeners know, there was a terrible attack back in October, a massacre of Israeli people by the radical terrorist group Hamas. Not only were I think 13 or 1,400 people killed, there were many taken hostage. Many of them are still hostage today. And in something else that happened, and it's disgusting to even talk about it, rape was used as a weapon during that attack.

Little Israeli girls all the way up to Israeli grandmothers were raped by Hamas terrorists as an act of war. And I know you feel strongly about both of those issues as we all do because it was very noticeable that a lot of feminist groups that talk about sexual harassment and so forth did not say a word about the rape of Israeli women, of Jewish women by this terrorist group.

So just share some of your thoughts about both of those things, the hostages that as we talk are still being held against their will and then the terrible things that were done to Israeli women, Jewish women with the silence of so many feminists.

Penny Young Nance: Yes.

Roger Marsh: You're listening to Family Talk, and I'm Roger Marsh. Just jumping in here for a brief moment reminding you that you are listening to an important conversation featuring our co-host Gary Bauer and Penny Young Nance. Penny, of course, is the CEO and president of Concerned Women for America.

Now, I want to advise parents that some of the content that we'll be discussing today here on the program is not appropriate for younger listeners. So parental discretion is advised. And now, let's rejoin Penny Young Nance and Gary Bauer for the conclusion of their two-part conversation right now on Family Talk.

Penny Young Nance: It's so horrific, it's almost impossible to wrap your mind around. And I know you saw pieces of the film and I saw 46 minutes of what I call looking into the pit of Hell. On October 7th, Hamas terrorists came in, murdered, raped, beat, burned, and kidnapped innocent civilians, innocent Israeli civilians. And then people proceeded to say, "It's not real. It's AI. It's made up."

The IDF, which is the military for Israel, put together, because this is the day and age we live in where everything is almost recorded, footage that was taken from the GoPro cams that were taken from dead Hamas terrorists, cell phones from victims and Hamas, and also things that people had in their homes, Ring doorbells, even dash cams, all of that.

Gary Bauer: The evidence is overwhelming, right? I mean, it's just no question.

Penny Young Nance: It's like I said to my staff, "It is traumatizing. It's almost like they lifted the lid to the pit of Hell and you see in." It's almost like... And many people have gone to the Holocaust Museum or Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. It's like going there, but having live footage with sound. And everything from the very beginning, a little dog walks up to them wagging his tail and they kill the dog, and then it's just a rampage. And the whole while they are smiling and joyful and praising Allah. There was even footage of one terrorist calling his parents to brag that he'd killed 10 Jews.

He had the blood of 10 Jews on his hand, "Put mommy on. Put mommy on." And they're praising Allah for this. His parents are happy. They're pleased. It's like he won a Grammy. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life, all of it. And I can never unsee it, but I'm glad I saw it because I want to give testimony to what happened on that day. And one of the things that you mentioned is little teeny girls and grown women were raped so hard that their pelvises broke.

It is complete evil. We know this because we have the bodies. We have the footage. We know what happened. They did behead people. I saw it. They burned babies in an oven. I saw it. And it is so infuriating to me that the left, how dare they, play the victim. There is nothing that could excuse what happened on that day. And the fact that our media turns their eyes away from the fact that eight Americans, including two little children, are still being held in Gaza right now.

You and I are old enough to remember, Gary, the Iran hostages, and they would count down how many days under the Carter administration that Americans were have hostage.

Gary Bauer: It was one of the big reasons that Ronald Reagan was elected president. It was the failure of the previous administration to save these American citizens, which is the number one responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens.

Penny Young Nance: That's right. That's right. So we've well past 100 days, no mention of that. And so I just want to make sure that we are reminding people, one, to pray. Pray. I pray almost every morning for those hostages because we're hearing horrible stories coming out of the people who have been released. And we have got to keep pleading and absolutely forcing our government to recognize that there are Americans being held and we need to bring them home. Iran has thumbed their nose at America again.

We're big Satan. Israel's little Satan. Their goal is for it to be a big smoking hole. So they are funding their proxies, washing the money through European banks because of loopholes that are in the law and are funding this kind of activity. And warheads that were coming from Iran over to the Houthi rebels just got sunk and two SEAL team members died because of it. So we're at a really important tipping point, and we are less safe perhaps than we've ever been. We're teetering on the edge.

Honestly, I believe, and I don't want to overstate this, but we're on the edge of war and we need leadership that recognizes that there's peace through strength. And when no one fears the United States, we become less safe. We can't play here. Lives are at risk and we should start by bringing home our citizens.

Gary Bauer: Well, Penny, I can hear the passion in your voice and I share it. JDFI has been reporting on the war between Israel and the Hamas terrorists. We've had periodically a friend as a guest on our podcast, Tom Rose, who's the former editor of The Jerusalem Post, and he's given us reports from Israel. And you can hear the air raid sirens in the background as the missiles are coming in.

We didn't even get into the subject that I know you and I feel strongly about that in the wake of all this, we have seen hundreds of thousands of people in the United States demonstrating, waving the flags of a foreign terrorist group and tearing down the posters that have been put up in remembrance of those hostages. And so it gets us to many other issues. How did these people get into the country? If they're in the country on a student visa, why are they still here? Why aren't they being expelled?

Penny Young Nance: Can I give you a little hope around that though?

Gary Bauer: Yes.

Penny Young Nance: Our Young Women for America chapters on college campuses have been so strong in this moment. I'm so proud of them. We put out the word after October 7th, and we're seeing this poison, the antisemitic poison that was pouring out the campuses, out of the Ivys. I mean, it's unbelievable. And so we said to our young women, our leaders, like, "Okay, go to the Israel rallies. Take your friends. Take your roommates. Film it. Get it on social media. Let's make sure we stand firm for Israel."

And they said to us, "There aren't any." And so we said, "Well, let's fix that." So our Young Women for America leaders began doing prayer rallies on their campuses across the country. I've been to about 10 of them. And let me just tell you, it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. They invite the Jewish fraternities. They invite their Jewish friends to come. They pray over them. And I have had these young Jewish students say to me in a red state school, "This is the first moment I have felt supported since October 7th." So I am just so proud that this is...

Leaders are not born, they're made. And I think these are the future leaders of our country, and they are standing so strong. The other students harass them and they don't care. They bring the Israeli flag, the American flag. They pray. They do exactly what should be done. And so just for your listeners, just know that I know it looks bleak, but no, God's people are everywhere, and there are young women that love the Lord and read the Bible and believe the Bible and draw courage from that and speak up.

Gary Bauer: That is a wonderful word to end our conversation with, Penny. The time has flown by. Thank you so much for addressing so many issues. I'm wondering if I could ask you if you could take us out of the show by closing us with a brief prayer.

Penny Young Nance: I'd love to do that. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for the Dobsons, for their many, many years of service. Lord, what amazing leaders. God, we thank you for Gary, for his willingness to always step out and lead and say the hard thing. And God, we are grateful that you are here and that your Holy Spirit is active in the hearts of your people. And Father, we pray for the least of these. We pray for the hostages. God, I just pray that you will protect them and heal them and the ones that are coming back, young little Abigail that's coming back now as an orphan.

God, that you will just heal your people and bring them to you, God. And I pray for the young IDF soldiers as they go forward and try to work to find still the missing captives that are Israeli and American. Lord, I pray to protect them. Over 150 have died, God, and I just pray that no more will die. Pray for our leaders and our military that are over there in assistance in Israel, that you'll protect them and protect the innocent. God, I pray for our young people on campuses.

I just pray for a revival in their hearts that this will be the moment, that in this very dark moment that they turn to you. And that we as a people, as a church, God, that we will again be strong and stand for truth even when it's unpopular. And we thank you for those who have never bowed a knee to Baal. We know your people are everywhere. But God, I pray above all that all of us will please you, that we'll be the aroma of Christ wherever we go. In Jesus' name, amen.

Gary Bauer: Amen. Thank you, Penny.

Penny Young Nance: Thank you. Thank you so much, Gary.

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