World Health Organization Power Grab: A Threat to U.S. Sovereignty - Part 1 (Transcript)

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Brian McNulty: Welcome to Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk. I'm Brian McNulty. I'm the senior vice president of broadcasting here at the ministry, and we're going to do something just a little different today. I'm opening up in the studio where I produce with a team. I'm with Dr. Dobson and Dr. Dobson is about to interview Michele Bachmann on the World Health Organization crisis. And you're not going to want to miss a moment of this, but before we get started, I wanted you to know Dr. Dobson's voice is a little scratchy today. He's been dealing with this and if you've been listening to us, you know that it's an ongoing thing that he manages, but I wanted you to know that Dr. Dobson looks good, feels good, and I think he sounds good here in the room. With that, Dr. James Dobson.

Dr. James Dobson: Brian, thank you for those very kind comments. I really appreciate them. Our longtime listeners are going to be aware that I've had a chronic problem with my voice going back several years, and it's showed up again today, but I'm going to push past it because the topic that we're here to talk about today is vitally important. Michele Bachmann is on the phone with us today, and she's going to share a concern with us that has awesome implications for every listener. Michele is one of the most accomplished women in the nation, and that's not an overstatement. She was a congressman from Minnesota from 2007 to 2015. Then after that she was a candidate for President of the United States and she would've made a great one I can tell you. She is currently dean of the Pat Robertson School of Government at Regent University, and she's also involved in the United Nations and the nation of Israel. Michele and her husband, Marcus, have been married for 45 years, and they've raised five biological children and get this, 23 foster kids.

Michele, you and Marcus have poured a whole lot of living into your years, haven't you? I can't believe all that you've accomplished and you're still running a hundred miles an hour.

Michele Bachmann: Well, God is good. There are is no shortage of opportunities to serve Him and the calling He's put on my life besides family has been to deal with government, whether it's at the local, state, federal, or even international level. That's really the ground, so to speak, that He's asked me to plow.

Dr. James Dobson: I failed to say that you, Michele, are a member of our board of directors here at James Dobson Family Institute, and you're serving a vital role for us here. With that, let's press ahead because there's so much more that we want to say. The information that you have to share with our listeners concerns every family in the nation. I think it'll touch us all and it concerns the World Health Organization, it's called WHO. The Biden administration is about to do something that will affect as I said before every family in the nation. Why don't you give us an overview of what's about to happen if we don't stop it?

Michele Bachmann: Well, that's right, and Jim, what is about to happen is that the Biden administration is leading the charge at the United Nations. The healthcare arm of the United Nations is called the World Health Organization, and what the Biden administration wants to do is take United States decision making authority and give it to the United Nations, and not just the United States, but all 194 nations in the world. The Biden administration is proposing amendments that would transfer the sovereign authority of every nation to make decisions over healthcare and that decision-making power would transfer to the World Health Organization. What does this mean? Well, just think about the last three years under the COVID pandemic where we saw local governments, state governments, our federal government make pronouncements that businesses had to close down. We were all told we had to sit at home with the doors shut for 15 days to slow the spread.

Well, we've passed three years now since that happened, and we still are living under those emergency powers. It is an extraordinary, breathtaking level of power that the United States government took over its people in the last three years, closing down businesses, closing down schools, mandating that people had to get shots, whether they thought they needed them or not. Mandating mask wearing, mandating lockdowns, mandating that churches had to close, that school children couldn't go to school. This level of emergency power is what I'm talking about Dr. Dobson, and the Biden administration wants to take that power and give it to the World Health Organization, the UN.

Dr. James Dobson: Unbelievable.

Michele Bachmann: And now they would have the power to shut us down in the United States and tell us if we have to have a shot in our arm or tell us if we have to wear masks or a number of other things, they would have the power of to do. Effectively, Dr. Dobson, that is transferring sovereignty over the United States to the UN and for the first time in history, we would create a platform for global governance. If I said that a few years ago, people would think I wore a tinfoil hat. But today, I'm not saying it. Just this week when we're recording this show, Dr. Dobson, not once but twice, the head of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping himself said that China will be leading the global government in reform and governance. The communist China will lead, and they're serious about that because they're the ones who control and direct the World Health Organization.

Dr. James Dobson: Michele, I read something that you wrote just a few weeks ago that really says it all for me. This puts it in a nutshell. You said that the bottom line for the WHO issue is the Biden administration is leading the global effort for 194 UN member nations. This is a worldwide effort and it's to transfer individual national decision-making sovereignty over healthcare decisions to the World Health Organization, the healthcare arm of the United Nations. And you can bet abortion figures into it in a big way.

Michele Bachmann: Yes, that's right. Because the definitions are so vague that a healthcare crisis could be considered almost anything. In fact, in the last week of May in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Assembly will meet. All 194 nations are there and the Biden administration has been trying to persuade all of the nations to get together and agree to transfer sovereign authority to the World Health Organization. And when they do that, transfer that authority, it won't mean that we'll have co-authority, it will end our authority, and that authority could be over issues like climate change, abortion. Nearly anything that they come up with, they can take the power and call it healthcare because the language says it can be a potential healthcare issue. It doesn't even have to be pandemic related.

So what we're seeing is that this is something we've never seen before and it transfers U.S. sovereignty to the UN. What is disgraceful is that it is the American government that is leading this effort. And I'll tell you Dr. Dobson, the number one thing people ask me when I tell people about this is they say, "Well, Michele, how will it be enforced? How could the UN possibly enforce that on us?" Well, it's a matter of political will. If you've got the President of the United States who can't wait to give American sovereignty to the UN, you can know that our president will also enforce the dictates. And how do we know that? Look at the last three years. Whatever the World Health Organization issued, that's what our American Centers for Disease Control did. In fact, even look at corporations, whatever the World Health Organization told us to do, that was the standard. If the World Health Organization said it, it was enforced. So we've already been there. We've already done that under the Biden administration.

And Jim, even as we are recording right now in the United States, do you know that we are still living under emergency powers? The Biden administration has never given back the emergency powers in three years. At this point, the president's emergency powers are set to expire May 11th. We'll see if they do, but what President Biden is hoping is that he can get amendments passed in Geneva, Switzerland, in May, so that we could transfer U.S. authority to the UN and be done with it forever. That will change us forever. And the only thing that we can do to stop this and get out of this is for the United States to get out of the World Health Organization. We need to exit. We can. We need to stop giving them money, but we need to legally notify the United Nations that the United States intends to leave the World Health Organization. Then we will not have to be under any of their dictates.

Dr. James Dobson: Michele, whatever happened to the notion that we're a free nation? That we're able to make our own decisions and carry out our own responsibilities? That is supported in Scripture too as I recall. That's where we read that in the last days there will be a one world government, a dominion that will keep people from buying or selling without the approval of a dictator.

Dr. James Dobson: Where they'll be worldwide dominion and you can't buy or sell without the approval of government.

Michele Bachmann: Well, you're exactly right, Jim, because that's what one of the amendments says. It says that there will be global tracking and tracing of every human. Every person will be issued their own separate digital identity and their own QR code. Most likely it'll be on their phone or it'll be on a sheet of paper and the right to travel would be restricted. If we don't have the requisite number of testing or if we don't have the requisite number of shots, we won't be able to travel, we won't be able to buy or sell. Again, this would be the very first time this will have ever been done, and that's creating a global digital identity, but that is in the proposed Biden administration amendments. That's what they really want to pass, is this QR code.

Once you have that mandate that every person will be tracked and traced, then you have total control. They do this already in communist China, but now the Biden administration wickedly is trying to push this on us and push this on the whole world, not just America, but all nations on earth to get into this one world global governance system.

Roger Marsh: You're listening to Family Talk. I'm Roger Marsh. If you're just joining us, our special guest today is Michele Bachmann. Michele is a former representative of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. She currently serves as the dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, in addition to serving on our board here at the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. Right now we're learning from Michele Bachmann about what is at stake for the United States if the World Health Organization continues to receive funds and support from the U.S. She also shares about an upcoming vote at the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland that could give the World Health Organization a significant amount of power. Let's rejoin the conversation right now between our own Dr. James Dobson and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann right here on Family Talk.

Dr. James Dobson: Where is the response to this? I'm not even aware that people understand it or know it or are fighting it or worried about it. They're blindly going on and we're heading for disaster.

Michele Bachmann: Well, you're right. That's why we're doing this show today so that people will learn about it. Anybody can see what these proposed amendments are. Look at the World Health Organization. You can look at the World Health Assembly that'll be meeting the last week of May in Geneva, Switzerland. It's all out in the open, all of these proposed amendments. In fact, there's an audio clip of the health minister, the foreign health minister of Indonesia, and he said last November, "We're planning to meet at the World Health Assembly the last week of May, and we're going to pass amendments so that we can have the digital tracking, the QR codes, and every person will have this." And he said, "In the last pandemic over these last three years, the whole world shut down." He said, "Now the whole world won't have to shut down because if people have the code and if they're complying with everything we're telling them to do, then they can buy and sell, then they can travel."

I mean, you think that we're talking about crazy stuff. It is crazy, but this is what's being proposed and there's not a lot of time. We've only got until the end of May and they want to pass these amendments. Now, one thing people need to understand is these amendments aren't going to come back to the United States Congress for President Biden to sign them or for the Congress to pass them through Congress. That's not going to happen because the National Defense Authorization Act already passed Congress. December 23rd, 2022, President Biden signed it and it said, "Whatever the World Health Assembly adopts, we already approve it." That's what it said. So the only way for us to bypass what is being proposed is for us to simply get out of the World Health Organization. Now, our previous president, Donald Trump, saw how evil and how wicked the actions of the World Health Organization were.

Dr. James Dobson: He tried to defund it, didn't he?

Michele Bachmann: And he did. He tried and he did defund, but he also, Dr. Dobson, gave notice to the UN that the United States was pulling out of the World Health Organization. And we would've been out by now, but Donald Trump did not return to the White House. Look at how consequential that action was, that election in 2020. We would've been out of the World Health Organization. We wouldn't even be having this discussion now, but it didn't happen. And so that's why there is legislation now in Congress, it's being proposed by Representative Andy Biggs and it's called House Resolution 79, H.R. 79, and it's very simple. It just says the United States is leaving the World Health Organization. We are not going back in and we're going to completely defund. We need to have that same bill in the United States Senate, but even more importantly, we just don't have a lot of time here.

We need to make sure that Speaker Kevin McCarthy doesn't pass one measure in Congress. He doesn't lift the debt ceiling or pass anything unless he tells President Biden in no uncertain terms, we are getting out of the World Health Organization. You get nothing until we get the United States out of the World Health Organization. So can it be done? Yes, it was done by President Trump. We can do it now, but I just want people to understand if these proposed Biden amendments pass in Geneva, Switzerland, it's extremely difficult. Once you give away U.S. sovereignty or national sovereignty to the UN, absent a miracle, it's almost impossible to get power back or sovereignty back. So that's why we can't sit on our hands on this. We have to act. We have to melt the phone lines in D.C. We need to tell our senators, we need to tell our congressmen, and we need to pray and we need to cry out to God so that we get out of the World Health Organization. Dr. James Dobson: You know, I want to speak to the pastors of Evangelical churches out there. I beg you to pay attention, to be informed. To tell your people, this is something Christians must know about and must fight. This is, in my opinion, I am not an authority on it, but this is end time stuff. I'm telling you, it alarms me more than I can express.

Michele Bachmann: If people recall in Canada, remember when the truckers in Canada didn't want to be vaccinated and they drove all across Canada to get to Ottawa, the capital, and people who were with the truckers who sent them maybe $5 to support them, the prime minister of Canada shut down the banking of anyone who donated to these freedom loving truckers. So we've already seen digitally how a country, if the government doesn't like what the citizens are doing to exercise their freedom and their rights, they can shut us down. And when you have a digital identity, a digital QR code, that links your medical records together with your finances, and we've just seen the chaos happening in America with bank closures or near closures. So what the federal government is trying to do right now is nationalize and federalize banking together with healthcare and put all of us into a digital I.D. system that wouldn't even be controlled by America. It would be controlled by a global governance system.

And as I said a little bit earlier, the head of communist China Xi Jinping twice announced that he, China will lead the global governance. I've never heard anything like that before, and that tells you how far down the road this is and that we have to address it. We have to get the attention. Everyone has a different sphere of influence. I don't want to put fear into people. I'm not trying to have fear, but everyone has a sphere of influence. We can all pray, but we all know different people. This is not the time to be silent. This is when the Church has to wake up and rise up and ask God for deliverance, but also act and that acting would be to contact those in authority who can get us out of the World Health Organization. And the Biden administration can stop this nonsense if enough people get to them and say, "You're not going to give away our country. This is clearly unconstitutional."

Look at the last three years. Businesses were shut down. People lost everything they had. They did this through emergency powers. So they've done this to us for the last three years. They're just taking raw political power and acting lawlessly. In our form of government, the people have to give consent to the government before the government can do things. The people haven't consented to giving away U.S. sovereignty to the World Health Organization. We haven't consented to this. Our representatives haven't consented to this, but the Biden administration is doing it anyway. So we can't just file a lawsuit in court and think that that's going to protect us. We have to take action now and make those phone calls and say, right now, you need to stop everything and stop the Biden administration because we have to exit the World Health Organization.

Dr. James Dobson: I hope our listeners will get a pen and paper on which to write a phone number that I'm about to give you. You can connect with both Houses of Congress with this one number, both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Here's the number. 202-224-3121, 202-224-3121. Let's light up the switchboard. I'd like to see you melt it. That's happened on other occasions when people were concerned enough. Michele, we're out of time. I hate to say that because I wish we could spend a whole day on this subject, it's that important, but if you have the time, we'd love to do another broadcast with you. If you'll just stay right now, I'd love to continue with what we're doing.

Michele Bachmann: There certainly is and I'll be very happy to.

Dr. James Dobson: Okay Michele, we'll talk again tomorrow.

Roger Marsh: That was Michele Bachmann here on Family Talk, breaking down what we need to know about the relationship between the United States and the World Health Organization. I'm Roger Marsh, inviting you to tune it again tomorrow to hear about what we can do to protect our sovereignty here in the U.S. As this looming problem weighs heavily on our hearts, we also need to draw closer to God for such a time as this. I'm reminded of the words of Psalm 22:28, "For dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations." Now friend, if you would like to share this program with someone who needs to hear today's message, just visit

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