World Health Organization Power Grab: A Threat to U.S. Sovereignty - Part 2 (Transcript)

Dr. James Dobson: Welcome everyone to Family Talk. It's a ministry of the James Dobson Family Institute supported by listeners just like you. I'm Dr. James Dobson and I'm thrilled that you've joined us.

Roger Marsh: Well, welcome back to Family Talk. I'm Roger Marsh. I'm so glad you've joined us again today. You'll recall on yesterday's program we heard from former U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, who explained to us what is at stake for our country if we give our sovereignty away to the World Health Organization. Now, if you're not familiar with Michelle Bachmann, let me get you up to speed. She served as a member of the United States Congress from Minnesota, serving in their 6th congressional district as a Republican from 2007 until 2015. She also ran for President of the United States in 2012. Michelle currently serves as dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. She's also a member of the board of directors here at the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, and she serves as co-chair of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast as well. Michele and her husband, Marcus, have raised five biological children and 23 foster children. They're also the grandparents of seven. What a blessing in their family. Well, with today's important program, let's join our own Dr. James Dobson and Michelle Bachmann right now, right here on Family Talk.

Dr. James Dobson: Our government, the Biden administration are about to do something that will affect every family in the nation. Why don't you give us an overview of what's about to happen if somebody doesn't stop it?

Michele Bachmann: Jim, what is about to happen is that the Biden administration is leading the charge at the United Nations. The healthcare arm of the United Nations is called the World Health Organization. And what the Biden administration wants to do is take United States' decision making authority and give it to the United Nations. The Biden administration is proposing amendments that would transfer the sovereign authority of every nation to make decisions over healthcare, and that decision making power would transfer to the World Health Organization. What does this mean? Well, just think about the last three years under the COVID pandemic where we saw local governments, state governments, our federal government make pronouncements that businesses had to close down. We were all told we had to sit at home with the doors shut for 15 days to slow the spread. Well, we've passed three years now since that happened, and we still are living under those emergency powers.

It is an extraordinary, breathtaking level of power that the United States government took over its people in the last three years, closing down businesses, closing down schools, mandating that people had to get shots whether they thought they needed them or not, mandating that churches had to close. This level of emergency power, is what I'm talking about, Dr. Dobson. And the Biden administration wants to take that power and give it to the World Health Organization, the UN.

Dr. James Dobson: Unbelievable.

Michele Bachmann: And now they would have the power to shut us down in the United States and tell us if we have to have a shot in our arm or tell us if we have to wear masks or a number of other things they would have the power to do. Effectively, Dr. Dobson, that is transferring sovereignty over the United States to the UN. And for the first time in history, we would create a platform for global governance.

Just this week when we're recording this show, Dr. Dobson, not once but twice, the head of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping himself said that China will be leading the global government. In reform and governance, communist China will lead, and they're serious about that because they're the ones who control and direct the World Health Organization. In the last week of May in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Assembly will meet, all 194 nations are there. The Biden administration has been trying to persuade all of the nations to get together and agree to transfer sovereign authority to the World Health Organization. And when they do that, transfer that authority, it won't mean that we'll have co-authority, it will end our authority.

And I'll tell you Dr. Dobson, the number one thing people ask me when I tell people about this is they say, "Well, Michele, how will it be enforced? How could the UN possibly enforce that on us?" Look at the last three years because the Centers for Disease Control here in the United States, whatever the World Health Organization issued, that's what our American Centers for Disease Control did. In fact, even look at corporations, Facebook, Twitter. Whatever the World Health Organization told us to do, that was the standard that Facebook followed and Twitter followed and Google followed and Instagram followed and corporations, national corporations followed it. Even Fox News, even national TV shows, even radio shows. If the World Health Organization said it, it was enforced. So we've already been there. We've already done that under the Biden administration.

And Jim, even as we are recording right now in the United States, do you know that we are still living under emergency powers? The Biden administration has never given back the emergency powers in three years. At this point, the president's emergency powers are set to expire May 11th. We'll see if they do. But what President Biden is hoping is that he can get amendments passed in Geneva, Switzerland in May so that we could transfer US authority to the UN and be done with it forever. That will change us forever. The only thing that we can do to stop this and get out of this is for the United States to get out of the World Health Organization. We need to exit. We can. We need to stop giving them money, but we need to legally notify the United Nations that the United States intends to leave the World Health Organization. Then we will not have to be under any of their dictates.

Dr. James Dobson: Well Michele, we're talking to a lot of Smiths and Jones out there who have no idea what to do. They've heard what we've said today and they're very concerned about it, but they're not involved in government. And they have no idea how to let their voices be heard. They're faced with something that could have major implications for the integrity of their family and for the future of this country. Where do they start to let their voices be heard and to use their influence?

Michele Bachmann: Well, where they start is you can certainly call the congressional switchboard number and you can tell the operator where you live. They'll immediately direct you to your congressman or congresswoman or your senator. And then you can tell them that we have to get the United States out of the World Health Organization and you're demanding that they do that first and foremost. Then you can tell your pastor and you can tell your pastor that we've got to make sure as a congregation we do something. But most important of all, the most important call we make is the one to God because that line is always open.

And I want to tell everyone God has not abandoned us. That's a promise for all time. He has not abandoned us. He has unfurled his banner over everyone listening right today. That banner that he has unfurled over us is love. He loves us. He has not abandoned us. Bad people do bad things, so that's why our God saves and we cry out to Him for His deliverance. That's not a small thing. That's everything. It's everything. And that's why we don't despair, we don't fear. We cry out because it's always impossible situations when you see the right arm of a Holy God prevailing.

Roger Marsh: I'm Roger Marsh and you're listening to Family Talk. Just jumping in here for a moment to remind those who are just joining us. Our special guest on the program today is Michele Bachmann, former representative of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. She currently serves as dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, and today she's explaining to us what we can do to prevent our country from literally giving away our sovereignty to the World Health Organization. This is a very important discussion. So without further ado, let's rejoin Dr. James Dobson and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for the conclusion of this conversation right here on Family Talk.

Dr. James Dobson: Michele let me tell you what I'm thinking. This situation is so dire with the possible loss of our sovereignty to communist China of all places in an area as important as our healthcare. I can't understand why others aren't agitated by this. Where is Congress? Why are they not fighting the World Health Organization proposal on our behalf? Where are our representatives on this issue, and what in the world is going on with our President?

Michele Bachmann: Well, I can tell you, having served in Congress and being in that environment, I don't say this to be mean, but usually members of Congress are the last ones to know. They're so taken up with raising money and flying back and forth to DC and all the constituent meetings that they have to have. A lot of them just don't have time to do a lot of reading. And this isn't something that the Biden administration has been waving around for everybody to know. They tried to do this under the radar. They didn't want Congress to know about this. Well now because of the James Dobson radio program, millions of people are going to know about this. And so that's why we need to not just hear, we need to also act.

And so if the congressional phone lines melt down and the members of Congress hear the Biden administration is about to give away our sovereignty to the UN over healthcare decision making, and not just healthcare, it'll end up being over economics, over every decision, over even the right to travel. Once people get their member of Congress and tell them what's going on, then these congressmen will pay attention, then they'll do something. I've seen it. I've been in the office when my phone has rung off the hook because Dr. James Dobson called the Body of Christ to act. In fact, I've been in my office so late that literally all night I could hear the phone ringing. And so does it make a difference? You bet it makes a difference. But again, we all have a different sphere of influence. You have no idea who you talk to about this who actually may know somebody who can really do something. So we need to talk about it and then we just act. We pray and we make that phone call and it will make a difference.

Dr. James Dobson: Well, let's tell our listeners how they can get this done. I'm about to give a phone number, I hope that you'll write it down where you can reach both Houses of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. One number, here it is. 202-224-3121. That's 202-224-3121. Let's light up that switchboard. I'd like to make it smoke. That's happened on occasion when people were concerned enough to call. You can perhaps talk to a staff member. You might even get through to a representative. But whatever you do, do it now and don't wait until tomorrow or the next day. Michele, anything else you would like to suggest?

Michele Bachmann: Well, I'll tell you, there are also people who are fasting and praying right now, and I think that that is something that I would really encourage people to do, to fast and pray and make this phone call because confession of sin and repentance, turning back to God, God looks on that with favor. This has happened before in many nations where nations have gone into decline, but when a nation turns back to God, God hears. And sometimes He relents. And so that's why I want to encourage everyone, fast, pray, cry out to God, make that phone call. I truly believe that the Lord hears us when we cry.

Dr. James Dobson: You are so right. God is the only one who can save us now. And prayer is always part of the equation. So tell our listeners what to say when they call their representatives to express their concern.

Michele Bachmann: When people call, they need to say, "We don't want President Biden giving away national sovereignty to the World Health Organization." If you don't want to say that, just say, "I demand that you get the United States out of the World Health Organization. Don't do one other thing. Get us out of the World Health Organization and we need to stop giving the money."

Dr. James Dobson: And the World Health Organization is controlled by Communist China, isn't it?

Michele Bachmann: Yes, it is. Communist China really directs the World Health Organization. Even though the United States is the number one contributor to the World Health Organization and Bill Gates is the second-biggest contributor, China is the third, but China really controls the organization. The acting general of the World Health Organization is a man from Ethiopia named Tedros. He's very controversial. He has a highly controversial negative background, but he is the man who was just reelected to that post for the next five years, and he is really acts at Communist China's direction. So this isn't an American organization or an American dominated or run organization. It is dominated and run by the Communist Chinese. The Communist Chinese see America as their number one enemy. So we can imagine that any decision that will be made will be to hurt us and weaken us not to build us up.

And again, this is nothing to do with healthcare. This is everything to do with control, control of the American people, control over our economy and control over our way of life. That's what this is, to put us into a global governance system. And for the first time in history, this transfer of sovereignty creates a platform for global governance. That's why this is so serious.

Dr. James Dobson: I want to tell you now that I resent the president of the United States, Joe Biden, for doing what I consider to be a sneaky thing here to trying to push this through before the American people really know about it.

Michele Bachmann: Well, you know, Dr. Dobson, last year at this time, we just found out. We didn't even find out until April of last year at this time that the Biden administration was working behind the scenes at the World Health Organization to transfer this national sovereignty last year. And so last year I was out trying to do as much media as I could. Other people were doing the same. We were crying out to God. And do you know? It looked like it was going to go through last year. One country, Botswana in Africa objected and this didn't go through. I was just amazed how God used a country like that to stop this and a few other small African countries.

Well, this came back again this year. We didn't know what was going to happen, but it came back again. They believed that they're going to be successful this year. I don't know that they will be successful. If people rise up and act and do something, they won't be successful. But we have to get the attention of our leaders in America because once this transfer of authority goes to the UN, there's no appeal. There's no right of appeal. If they say churches have to close, churches will close. As we speak here today at the beginning of April, people need to understand the sense of urgency. This can all happen the last week in May, so very little time remains.

Dr. James Dobson: Who would've believed Michele, that America could have closed its churches in the last couple of years?

Michele Bachmann: And that should inform us of all of these things that we couldn't believe. Abortion clinics were allowed to stay open. Gambling casinos were allowed to stay open. Big box retailers that had a grocery store could stay open. But mom and pop stores had to close and people lost everything. And that's why I say none of this was legal. The vaccines weren't mandated by a law. They were mandated because the Biden administration said they were mandated. It wasn't a law. So the vaccines weren't a law. The masks weren't a law. The lockdowns weren't a law. Closing down schools wasn't passed by a law. Closing down churches didn't happen by a law. It was completely unequal application of justice. It was raw political will.

And that's what we're seeing in this action today from the Biden administration, the worst possible step, which is raw political power to do what they legally are incapable of doing because they don't have the people's consent to give away American sovereignty to the United Nations healthcare arm to make decisions that will change us forever. They would even be empowered to force the United States of America to spend money to buy things that the UN tells us that we have to buy in order to give it to other countries. That's one of the amendments. That's what we're talking about. So they're looking at true redistribution of wealth, true global government and China has said they will be the ones to run it and control it.

Dr. James Dobson: Well, you've been listening to the Honorable Michele Bachmann whose been like a voice crying in the wilderness. I do hope and pray that you will take her advice and do what she suggests. It's our hope or at least the only one I see. We must inform the American people, especially Christians of what hangs in the balance here. You can bet that if we lose this battle, other freedoms will be lost as well. If you can deal away the sovereignty of the American people and get away with it, it's going to happen again. So we're out of time for now but again that phone number to call is 202-224-3121. Call your congressman or senator today and tell him how you feel about this World Health Organization issue. Thank you for being with us today. Thank you, Michele, for your participation. Sorry for my scratchy voice, but I think the word got through. Thank you once again. We appreciate you more than you know.

Michele Bachmann: Thank you, Jim.

Roger Marsh: The dangers are real of what hangs in the balance for the future of our country. Let's all be an earnest prayer asking the Lord to move and intervene in our midst. I'm Roger Marsh and you've just heard the conclusion of a two-part conversation featuring Dr. James Dobson and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

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